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March 03, 2008

iPhysics 1.1

Posted in: iPhysics

Sorry for the delay, everyone!

The new iPhysics version is finally out , fixed for the new iPhone/iPod Touch software version 1.1.3/1.1.4.

The only changed thing in this version is the directory structure, as the levelpacks now reside at ~/Media/iPhysics directly, not down under ~/Media/iPhysics/Games/… anymore. And that “~” now means /var/root or /var/mobile, depending on your version…

Please send any bug reports my way, especially those from “Main script execution failed” in Installer.app, as my installer script tries to keep your currently installed levelpacks. Please send all data you have about the error, like how are your files organized, and if you used any fix for 1.1.3/1.1.4 incompatibilities. Also try to uninstall iPhysics and reinstall, as that will probably work.

You can find iPhysics in Installer.app under Games (from ModMyiFone source, in the Community Sources pack) or under iPhysics (from my source, which can be found in Bigboss Recommended Extra Sources pack, which can be found in the Community Sources pack)

Small update:

Here is a last-resort procedure that’s sure to get you working if you are having problems installing the new update:

1 - Uninstall everything about iPhysics and it’s levelpacks. You can try to “upgrade” back to 1.0 before uninstalling if you are having problems. If the ModMyiFone version 1.0.1 goes away, you can install it from my historic repository here: http://iphone.r4m0n.net/repos/?history

2 - Install and uninstall any version of iPhysics before 1.1, the 1.0 one will do fine. You could alternatively delete the /var/root/Media/iPhysics and /var/mobile/Media/iPhysics if you have easy shell access. That should ensure you have the filesystem clear of any old files.

3 - Install the 1.1 iPhysics version from my repository (the one under the iPhysics category), and DON’T “update” to 1.0.1, that will mess things up, and should be gone as soon as the ModMyiFone repository is updated.

4 - Install lot’s of levelpacks and have fun!

Remember to restart Installer.app anytime you get a “Main script execution error”, or at least clear the install queue, as it keeps the pack that caused the error there.

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