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September 16, 2008

iPhysics Lite on its way!

Posted in: iPhysics

After a loooong wait and lots of hard work, the next version of iPhysics is ready to hit the road!

In the last few month, I’ve been working with Rod Ferguson (know around as Rawd, and creator of several great levelpacks) to bring iPhysics to the 2.0 firmware and the App Store, and yesterday (2008-09-15) we finally uploaded the first version of the new iPhysics demo to Apple, for its final testing and posting to the App Store.

The review process usually takes around a couple of weeks before the App goes to the Store, so I’ll leave you with the App description and a few screen-shots. I’ll post more this week talking about all the work we had so far, and all the new things ahead of us.

iPhysics: An Infinite games engine for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

iPhysics is a two dimensional physics engine built especially for the iPhone environment.  This demo will show  you a few of the ways that the engine can be used, so that YOU can start making your own exciting games!

Demo features seven free games in one:

- Simple to follow tutorial, and game explaining the features of iPhysics

- Sandbox

- Classic early 80’s style pinball table!

- Aquarium game

- Phun with Physics

- Entertaining ‘Ragdoll’ sandbox!

- H3X’s Vehicular pack


- Realistic physics that you control!

- Multi-touch games: Engine tracks up to 5 fingers on screen at once!

- Game timer precise to the one hundredths of a second place on each level!

- Race against others with our worldwide point and time upload system.

- Great music and sound effects!

Full version available soon!

- More fun games to ship with the full version: Basketball, two player multi-touch Hockey, Moto-maze, more pinball tables,  and others!

- Downloadable replays: Wonder how some of those good times are made?  Download the top times and watch how the pro’s do it!

- Build your own games! An easy to use game editor and customer support system will get you on your way to making your own games for iPhysics!

iPhysics Lite - Main menu

iPhysics Lite - Tutorial

iPhysics Lite - Levelpacks

iPhysics Lite - Pinball

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