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August 10, 2009

iPhysics Lite is back!

Posted in: iPhysics

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not posting anything here for so much time, but I’ve been tooooo busy :-(

As for what happened to iPhysics Lite:

It was 08/02 and I’d just unpacked a shiny new iPhone 3G (yeah, took me this long to finally get a 3G here), and I went to look for iPhysics Lite to install on it…

You can’t imagine how confused I got when I couldn’t find my own app in the store :-)

Some problem happened with my Apple account during the renewal of my dev program subscription (which ended 07/30, and I had renewed a week prior) and it took until now (I just received an email from Apple support) to get things working again, including getting iPhysics Lite back to the store…

So, there is no problem (else than a cronic lackoftimitis) between me and iPhysics, and I have a great desire to get the full version out there as soon as I can… If my plans work out, I should get some time to work on iPhysics again next month, let’s hope for the best :-)

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